Satan Sex Ceremonies (Full Album)

by Mephistofeles

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1. Satan sex ceremonies (Ravera-Dimenza) Blood and black leather Your eyes turned out so cold Behave towards a witch that knows pleasure Scream, drool, suck & fuck Black Mass perversion The place that's in your heart Enslaved by flesh and imprisoned by obsession Spell of love Demonic eyaculation of a hateful seed That strands inside the womb of an evil seer The dead that wakes and takes a newborn being that sacrifices itself for an endless trip, yeah!! The Wrath of Jacula (Instrumental)
Profanation 03:30
2. Profanation (Ravera) Stiff bodies together lonely into the night It's just what it takes to make me feel alright or down? No, dear babe, you feel profane Oh, obsessed babe, I want you here I'm guilty, so guilty, paying for her love She's wicked, so wicked, she's what turns me on or down?
Down Again 04:15
3. Down Again (Ravera) Dear Lord where have you been? Is this what I have to pay? My misery is the joy of someone else I'm buried from my feet until my head Your sins must be confessed But there's no god who should I talk to with I'll better be prepared to lose my head I'm the kind who'll never learn
Overdose 03:12
4. Overdose (Ravera) Instrumental
Syringe 06:12
5. Syringe (Ravera-Dimenza) Dark wolves are coming I dread the feel of been chased, babe Mind games that turn me Into an empty casket of feelings I think I love you, babe (x3) So far away from god Inhaling broken glass to ease the pain, babe You didn't need to ask I'd rather die than been blessed, yeah I think I love you, babe (x3) You still think that it's in command An inner war ignites the fire These mountains hide what I desire But if you look beyond you'll see the light! Yeah
6. Curse of the Knife (Ravera) Surrender to dark masses and join a cult of disgrace Electric mausoleum music is what feeds all their heads Blood seals the curse of knives yeah, a corpse that resurrects Stinging needle fill veins with electricity and pain
7. Chains of Agony (Ravera) Demonic slow burn from dungeon flames Are these words from the undead? Frostbitten claws that rip my flesh The snake bit is what I pledge. Oh no, uh Dismembered guts and blood again Our pleasure is profane Dead bodies crawl from open graves Sex maniacs gathered in hell The smell of death that burns my head I'm chained into despair All meaning is lost now and drugs are ships Into eternity


"Satan Sex Ceremonies" is the third studio album by Mephistofeles

Produced by Mephistofeles
Recorded at Dracula's Castle, Romania with an AKAI 4000DS. Mixed by Mephistofeles at Evil Fidelity Sound Lab Studio in Argentina
Mastered by Count Dantula and Igor

Gabriel Ravera .guitars, keyboards & vocals
Ismael "Magic Fingers" Dimenza .bass & keyboards
Ivan Sacharczuk .drums

Art design by WOM
Legal assistance & management by Adriano Cupelli
All lyrics written by Gabriel Ravera

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℗ 2020 Restricted Records (ROU) RR002
℗ 2020 Teschio Dischi (IT) TD010
℗ 2020 Forbidden Place Records (USA) FPR088
℗ 2020 Stoner Witch Records (USA) SWR013
℗ 2021 Regain Records (SWE) HSPLP048, HSPCD048, HSPMC048


released December 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Mephistofeles Parana, Argentina

dark electric mausoleum music

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